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Amber Williams is the owner and creative director of FEME NOIR.

Amber Williams is a 34 year old Fresno based independent filmmaker who has directed and edited music videos and documentary films, her style fuses together her passion for cult movies, punk, and science fiction/horror. Since getting her hands on her first camera at the age of 16 it has been her objective to make films that centralize Black femmes experiences that combat misogynoir and defy stereotypes. Following in the path of filmmakers Darnell Martin, Kasi Lemmons, Cheryl Dunye and Dee Rees she intends to create Black femme characters who refuse to bend to respectability politics and accept their role as “ the mule of the world”, a term coined by late Zora Neale Hurston.


Williams’ fight against misogynoir is not limited to film, she also fronts punk/grunge band SQUID INK, who have performed 2 years in a row at the Bay Area’s “Multiverse Is Illuminated” festival, celebrating Black and Brown punks.


Her recent work has been a series of music video collaborations with radical musical act Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries, with focuses on fatphobia, social anxiety, and dismantling white supremacy.